Harry Styles: Is the former boy band idol moving in the right direction?

The pop megastar, fashion icon and international heartthrob is starring in Don’t Worry Darling, a film already overshadowed by celebrity rumours and iffy reviews even before its premiere

Harry Styles: could he just be too famous to become an actor? Illustration: Peter Hanan

In brief:

Name and age: Harry Styles, 28

Job: pop-music megastar turned actor

Appearance: Lanky, with carefully tousled hair and an effortlessly glamorous appearance

Newsworthiness: the performance of the former One Direction heartthrob in Don’t Worry Darling, the movie directed by his partner Olivia Wilde, has been panned by critics

In depth:

In the circus, the spotlight never strays far from the ringmaster. The same is true in the rarefied world of hot-ticket premieres at ...