Five Degrees of Change: How green hydrogen can unlock Ireland’s clean energy revolution

Catherine Sheridan, of EI-H2, says resisting the constant temptation to consume and using the riches of our offshore wind resource to produce green hydrogen can help us to move towards a more sustainable future

Catherine Sheridan, chief operations officer for green hydrogen firm EI-H2. Picture: John Allen

Catherine Sheridan has been able to find climate action inspiration in the most unlikely of places.

As an avid sea swimmer, she trained for years before undertaking a 14.5 hour crossing of the English Channel. But three miles from the French shore, her body, having endured incredible stress, gave up on her, and she had to finish within what must have felt like touching distance of her goal.

“It was the most incredible experience and I refused to interpret it as a failure,” Sheridan told the Business Post. “When you are swimming in the sea it is the most amazing feeling because it is the only time you are of the earth. I gave it everything I had and it changed who I was as a person,” she said.