Five Degrees: ‘If you look to the future, financial stability will be based on managing climate risks’

Former government adviser Ed Brophy’s strategy for a more sustainable world involves rationing his long-haul flights, ditching red meat and dairy products, and making climate change a core part of the educational curriculum

Ed Brophy, former political adviser and founder of Tyrconnell Strategy: ‘If you look to the future, all jobs will be very much green jobs.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Ed Brophy has had a front row seat as the Irish state managed various crises over the last decade.

As senior policy adviser to Joan Burton, the former Labour leader during her time as tánaiste in the 2011 Fine Gael-Labour coalition, he was embedded in a government managing the fiscal and economic fallout of the financial crisis.

In his later role as adviser to Paschal Donohoe, the Minister for Finance, Brophy was active in the ...