Eamon Ryan’s 5 Degrees of Change: ‘The plan we are going to develop will be ambitious beyond compare’

From finally buying an electric car to setting up a district heating agency, the Environment Minister, details his personal and political priorities for the latest episode of the

Eamon Ryan: ‘We need to really push this 15-minute city idea.’ Photo: Fergal Phillips

This time last year, Eamon Ryan was weighing up the undeniable risks of entering a three-way government coalition as the smallest party. Having decided he could exert the most influence inside the tent, he doesn’t regret his decision.

“This is a moment of huge change, driven by crisis and the requirement to address climate change. As difficult as it is, if I was on the outside now saying ‘I wish I had the opportunity to use this moment of change to steer the country in a greener direction’, I would be kicking myself. I think it was the right decision,” Ryan told the Business Post.