The Big Interview

‘Corporate culture has torn the soul out of its own gifting’ – Jonathan Legge, &Open

The company’s ‘human-centric’ gifting services for multinationals, which is now switching its focus to include small and medium-sized businesses as well, all started as a result of a mix-up over a gift when its co-founder hosted a family on Airbnb

Jonathan Legge: ‘Our clients know that gifting makes customers more loyal.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

St Clare’s Avenue in Harold’s Cross, Dublin, is pleasantly nondescript. The pastel-coloured semi-detached houses line the short side street down to the similarly unobtrusive office at the end of it. The headquarters of &Open, which formerly housed a textiles business, were clearly designed to not stand out from the sleepy suburban setting.

The interior, however, tells a different story. Bare wooden floors, tables and chairs that would just as easily fit in a woodworking shop ...