Brexit: CSO paints Ireland's relationship with the UK in numbers

More than 16,000 Irish people emigrated to the UK this year, CSO figures show

7th December, 2016
Brexit: CSO paints Ireland's relationship with the UK in numbers
Nearly 14% of Irish exports went to the UK last year Pic: Getty

The Central Statistics Office has published a new report, " Brexit: Ireland and the UK in numbers", compiling the statistics on its database which best illustrate Ireland's relationship with the UK against the backdrop of Brexit.

The agency also plans to launch an electronic publication containing further detailed information on the various interactions between the two countries and plans to publish a dedicated Brexit page on its website in 2017, tracking the key indicators.

The publication is divided into four main sections - people, business, trade, tourism and transport. Here are some of the more interesting figures from each:


- UK nationals made up 2.5 per cent of the population of Ireland in 2011 when there were a total of 112,259 usually resident and present in the state

- Of the 79,300 immigrants who arrived in Ireland in 2016, 17 per cent arrived from the United Kingdom. Of these, 4,500 or 5.7 per cent were UK nationals

- Of the 76,200 emigrants from Ireland in 2016, 16,600 or more than fifth went to live in Britain


- Flows of direct investment into Ireland were €169.8 billion last year but the United Kingdom had a disinvestment of €4.1 billion

- Irish investment flows abroad totalled €149.9 billion last year but just €0.5 billion of this went to the UK

- The stock of direct investment into Ireland from the UK was 4.6 per cent of the total investment in 2015, down from 12.6 per cent in 2014

- The turnover of Irish-owned foreign affiliates was €99 billion in 2014 with those in the UK accounting for €37.6 billion of this or 37.9 per cent


- Last year, nearly 14 per cent of Irish goods exports, or €15.6 billion worth of a total of €112.4 billion, went to the UK

- Meat and meat products were the biggest export category, worth €1.9 billion, followed by medical and pharmaceutical products at €1.5 billion and organic chemicals at €1 billion

- Imports of goods amounted to around €70 billion with €18 billion of these, or more than a quarter, arriving from the UK

- Petroleum and related products worth €1.9 billion were the biggest category of imports followed by gas imports worth €1.1 billion

- Ireland exported €101.8 billion in services in 2014 with €18 billion, or 18 per cent, going to Britain

- Imports of services amounted to €109.4 billion with 10 per cent of these coming from the UK


- UK visitors accounted for 41 per cent of all trips to Ireland by non-residents last year, making 3.5 million of the 8.6 million overseas trips to this country

- They accounted for 23 per cent of tourist expenditure or €971 million of the €4.2 billion total

- The number of second hand private cars registered in Ireland was 51,663 in 2014 and 97 per cent of these were imported from the UK

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