‘Am I Satoshi Nakamoto? I couldn’t possibly answer that’

Donal O’Mahony, a Trinity College professor, is considered one of the top ten most likely inventors of bitcoin. Whether he is the elusive cryptocurrency creator or not, his expertise is beyond doubt

Donal O’Mahony: ‘In the last few years, you’ve seen the blockchain making a big dent in financial space. But it will grow further, and it will affect many, many other industries.’ Picture: Paul Sharp

Donal O’Mahony isn’t saying, is the first thing you need to know.

He’ll entertain as many questions as you can think of about the story of bitcoin, its plunges and its peaks, its problems and its remarkable rise to ubiquity as a globally traded asset worth hundreds of billions of dollars. He’ll even pick up the phone for a second time, the day after a 75-minute interview, for a further discussion of the currency’s environmental ...