After the fall of Maxwell, what happens next?

Convicted of conspiracy and sex trafficking in New York, Ghislaine Maxwell is facing a possible 65-year sentence that means she could die in prison. But a lot of questions remain over others in her elite circle of friends, including an increasingly under-pressure Prince Andrew

Ghislaine Maxwell with her then boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein: she recruited, procured and groomied girls as young as 13 for him. Picture: Shutterstock

The fallout begins. The conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell, the 60-year-old British socialite, on multiple counts of conspiracy and sex trafficking of underage girls closes a dark and sordid chapter in a criminal investigation that began in March 2005 into allegations of the sexual abuse of multiple underage girls that started at least a decade earlier.

Maxwell’s conviction on five of the six charges, and the prospect of a prison sentence spanning several decades, will no ...