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A ‘dystopian hellscape’: How China created modern-day concentration camps for its ethnic minorities

As the Chinese government denies the systematic oppression, torture, rape, sterilisation and mass imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities, goods made through detainees’ enforced labour flood western high streets – the fruits of China’s so-called ‘education’ camps

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) describes the ‘re-education’ camps in China as voluntary anti-extremism schools that aim to alleviate poverty through education and training. Picture: Getty

No sooner had Erbakit Otarbay awoken to find himself in a hospital bed, than the grim reality of what now constituted his life dawned on him.

The pain that coursed through his body hinted at the savage beating he’d taken just hours earlier at the hands of his Chinese captors, who had stripped him of his liberty five months previously.

Back then, Otarbay had been living happily in Kazakhstan with his wife and children. In ...