Doves on their comeback after 11 years: ‘We had no one to impress but ourselves’

After more than a decade of inactivity, the acclaimed art-rock outfit return with a fine new album – and frontman Jimi Goodwin feels that in these challenging times, musical escapism is more important than ever

Jimi Goodwin, Andy and Jez Williams of Doves: ‘I can’t think or worry about our place in anything or any grand scheme of things. It’s about creating a vibe, and things that excite us.’ Picture: Jon Shard

How does Jimi Goodwin of Doves feel about releasing a new album after an 11-year silence? When the Business Post catches up with the English band’s frontman just hours after the button has been pushed on the new release, the answer appears to be bullish, if perhaps slightly nervous too.

“We had no one to impress but ourselves,” the 50-year-old says of his decision to get back into the studio with brothers Jez and Andy ...