The lockdown security podcast

Business Post Tech Editor Emmet Ryan is joined by Michael Conway of Renaissance and Gary Robinson of Uleska for a discussion about security issues for businesses during lockdown. The lockdown security podcast is sponsored by Renaissance

Emmet Ryan

Technology Correspondent @emmetjryan
28th April, 2020
The lockdown security podcast
What additional security measures do workers at home require?

In a special preview of the Renaissance Cyber Series, Emmet Ryan sat down with Michael Conway, director of Renaissance and Gary Robinson, CEO of Uleska to talk about the security challenges facing businesses under current restrictions. The chat, which was conducted at a safe distance for all parties, goes through the aspects of working life that need a bit more thought in terms of IT security as well as what to expect at the upcoming cyber series event.

To register for the Renaissance Cyber Series, click HERE.

The lockdown security podcast is sponsored by Renaissance

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