Connected Podcast: Richard Barnwell of Digit Games talks Star Trek and selling on mobile

Richard Barnwell, CEO of Digit Games, talks to Emmet Ryan for the latest Connected podcast

Emmet Ryan

Technology Correspondent @emmetjryan
7th June, 2019

Richard Barnwell, chief executive and founder of Digit Games, joins Emmet Ryan on the big show to talk about an Irish grown success story in the games business. The Dublin-based studio developed the wildly successful mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command and Barnwell's business was recently acquired by industry giant Scopely.

Barnwell talks about the challenge of pleasing gamers and Star Trek fans, the work involved in building a game in this day and age, how Ireland is seeing a boom on the creative side of gaming, and what's next for Digit. Connected is produced and edited by Jack O'Kennedy which we're including in the text here because Emmet forgot to mention it during the interview. Live long and prosper.

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