Sunday July 5, 2020

FF fall puts FG back in pole position

Latest Sunday Business Post/Red C poll sees FF down two points and FG unchanged

Michael Brennan

Political Editor

26th November, 2016
FG creeps ahead of FG Pic: Collins

Fine Gael has regained its position as the most popular party for the first time since the general election due to a drop in support for Fianna Fáil.

In the latest Sunday Business Post/Red C poll, Fianna Fáil is down by two points to 24 per cent, which is the level of support it got in last February's general election.

It has now dropped in the last three polls since attracting a peak support level of 29 per cent last July.

Fine Gael’s support remains unchanged at 25 per cent, which puts it just ahead of its arch rival.

Sinn Féin, which gained some valuable publicity last week from its private bill on Irish neutrality, is up by three points to 16 per cent.

The Independent Alliance, which has been at the centre of rows with Fine Gael over that neutrality bill and the issue of judicial appointments, is down by two points to 4 per cent.

But other Independents are up by two points to 12 per cent. After previously getting a boost from their abortion referendum bill, there is a drop in support for the Anti-Austerity Alliance and the People Before Profit Alliance group, who are down by four points to 5 per cent.

Labour is unchanged on 5 per cent but the Social Democrats, who recently held their first national conference, are up by one point to 4 per cent.

The Green Party is unchanged at 3 per cent and Renua under new leader Cllr John Leahy is up to 1 per cent, having dropped off the radar in the last poll.

The poll of around 1,000 voters was carried out between Monday and Friday last week.

How they stand:

Fine Gael 25 (no change)

Fianna Fáil 24 (-2)

Sinn Féin 16 (+3)

Independents 12 (+2)

AAA-PBP 5 (-4)

Independent Alliance 4 (-2)

Labour 5 (no change)

Social Democrats 4 (+1)

Green Party 3 (no change)

Renua 1 (+1)

Other: less than 1

Total: 100

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