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Magazine Minute: The undocumented, Philip Judge, Princess Diana, Kathy Reichs

The very best of The Sunday Business Post Magazine this weekend

4th August, 2017


In this weekend’s Sunday Business Post Magazine, Colin Murphy reports on an untold Irish story: that of the undocumented migrant workers making a life in Ireland. Here, for the first time, migrants step into the light as they relate the daily reality of a paperless status. Murphy draws parallels between the undocumented Irish in the US and their counterparts in Ireland, asking if calls for regularisation abroad ought to be equally countenanced on home soil. Murphy’s report, Life in the Shadows, is this Sunday’s Magazine cover story.


Ever dreamed of selling up, upping sticks, and making the move to the country for good? Actor Philip Judge put urban life in London and Dublin behind him when he bought a century-old property deep in the Wicklow countryside. Today, he counts lambs and wellies his constant companions, and has chronicled the many colours of a year in the Irish countryside in his book, In Sight of Yellow Mountain. This Sunday, Judge shares an exclusive extract from his debut with readers of the Sunday Business Post Magazine - essential reading for those dreaming of a simpler way of life.


Two decades on from her death, Princess Diana still grips the public imagination like few other figures. And we can expect yet another bout of frenzied retrospection as a controversial new documentary coming soon to Channel 4 shows confidential tapes recorded in her Kensington Palace residence. This weekend, ahead of the anniversary of Diana’s death, Catherine Healy considers the legacy of a woman who managed to subvert the glossy Windsor narrative in speaking openly about her personal difficulties. “In exposing the monarchy’s flaws,” as she writes, “that testimony remains just as politically significant today as it was two decades ago.” Read more in The Magazine on Sunday.


Kathy Reichs was a leading forensic anthropologist when she came to popular fiction in her late 40s, wanting help to cover her kids’ college fees. Now, with a string of New York Times bestsellers to her name, the grande dame of crime writing has a following across the world. Reichs is best known for her long-running Temperance Brennan series, which formed the basis for hit TV show Bones, but her latest book brings a new heroine centre stage. This Sunday, she talks forensics, cults and academic snobbery with Catherine Healy as they discuss the latest twist in her wide-ranging career.

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