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Magazine Minute: The Gate's new director, Barry Keoghan, Ivanka Trump

The very best of The Sunday Business Post Magazine this weekend

14th July, 2017


“After decades in which two of the most powerful, heavily funded and important theatres in the country - the Abbey and Gate - were led by the same figures,” writes Nadine O’Regan, “there has been a changing of the guard, with new directors at the helm and a bristling new energy in the atmosphere.” In this Sunday’s Magazine, Arts Editor Nadine O’Regan takes the temperature of Ireland’s transforming theatre scene, asking key players, including The Gate’s recently-appointed Director Selina Cartmell, for their vision of Irish Theatre 2.0. An essential read for theatre buffs, read The Magazine cover story, Stages of Progress, this weekend.


Barry Keoghan is a man on the rise in Hollywood, juggling roles in a string of major upcoming films with boxing training in Dublin’s north-inner city. The 24-year-old remains best known in Ireland for playing a cat killer on Love/Hate, much to his displeasure, but all that looks set to change soon with his starring role in Christopher Nolan’s soon-to-be-released Dunkirk. This weekend, in an exclusive interview with The Magazine, Keoghan speaks to Catherine Healy about joining the A-list while not forgetting his humble beginnings. “Where I come from, a lot of us are afraid to say how we feel,” he tells us. “My mother is dead because because of drugs - I couldn’t talk about that kind of stuff for a long time. But with acting, I was able to get it all out of me.”


Ivanka Trump’s recent presence at the G20 top table has sparked criticism aplenty, and sarcasm over her less than impressive diplomatic CV. In a spirited column in this Sunday’s Magazine, US correspondent Marion McKeone casts a cold eye on the first daughter who has placed herself at the centre of an administration that is dismantling women’s rights with alarming enthusiasm. “The parlaying of feminism as a figleaf for nepotism is infuriating and insulting to the billions of women who have succeeded in big ways and small, on their own merits,” she writes. “And it reeks of disingenuity to those women who have worked to mentor and support other women. Because the only woman who has benefited from Ivanka Trump’s ascent to the White House is Ivanka Trump.”


What to wear next? In this weekend’s Sunday Business Post Magazine we report on the trends you should be buying into for autumn. First up is the colour of the season: red. “With touches of pink and bordeaux shades thrown in for good measure,” as Brown Thomas Fashion Director Shelly Corkery tells The Magazine. In print, bohemian floral patterns lead the charge; the dress length to gravitate towards is the midi, and where footwear is concerned it’s the surprisingly welcome return of the sock boot. Still unsure? Don’t forget to read our team’s style tip-offs this Sunday.

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