Magazine Minute: Remembering JFK, the death of monogamy and a YouTuber's self-help book

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19th May, 2017
Magazine Minute: Remembering JFK, the death of monogamy and a YouTuber's self-help book
Pic. Maura Hickey. 04.12.14 Nadine O'Regan.


In just over a week, the world will mark the centenary of the 100th birthday of John F Kennedy. As we approach that milestone, a 10-page special in this weekend’s Magazine considers the legacy of JFK, the original American idol. Close to home, historian Diarmaid Ferriter reflects on JFK’s inclusion in Ireland’s cultural canon, while fellow historian Patrick Geoghegan offers a less than glowing assessment of the 35th US president. From America, our correspondent Marion McKeone also examines the Kennedy family x-factor anew, and casts a cold eye over the current Irish-American political establishment.

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Is monogamy dead? Men and women are taking longer to tie the knot; marriage rates are falling; and it seems even those in long-term relationships are not immune from Tinder curiosity. There’s compelling evidence to indicate that a sea-change in our thinking and behaviour is afoot, so have monogamous values been cast adrift on the shifting sands of sexuality? Nadine O’Regan tackles the issue on Sunday, musing over the quiet revolution taking place in our bedrooms. “If we’re allowed to pick one of a zillion kinds of coffee in Starbucks,” as she puts it, “then why can’t we customise our sexual choices accordingly?”


Are you guilty of endlessly checking work emails out of office? Tapping away at your laptop late into the night? In these times of information overload, vacationists are increasingly looking for a break from the stream of constant messages and notifications. Presented in this weekend’s Magazine, then, is Fionnuala Egan’s selection of seven luxurious Irish getaways for those in need of a digital detox. From Carlow to Cork, you’ll find retreats with magnificent views, sumptuous interiors and outdoor activities to help reconnect with life’s simple pleasure.


Lilly Singh is a 28-year-old internet sensation whose YouTube channel boasts over 11.5 million subscribers. Based in LA, the Indo-Canadian vlogger writes and stars in twice-weekly comedy skits that have racked up a combined 1.8 billion views. This Sunday, Catherine Healy runs the rule over Singh’s new self-help book, How to Be a Bawse, a 336-page guide to “conquering” life. “The underlying message is that you too, reader, can lift yourself out of misery if you work hard enough,” Healy writes. “Self-care is stripped of any deeper meaning in this relentlessly banal gospel.”

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