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Magazine Minute: Let's do brunch, Niall McGarry, don't be a tourist in Paris, 13 Reasons Why

The very best of The Sunday Business Post Magazine this weekend

21st July, 2017


Pastrami with grilled peaches, buttermilk waffles with parmesan chicken, New York-style lobster roll with egg mayo: there’s no shortage of tasty options in the brunch palaces of the nation. In this weekend’s Sunday Business Post Magazine, Gillian Nelis looks over all four provinces for the the best 25 places to enjoy a late-morning feast. Traditionalists, alfresco fans, healthy eaters and the sweet-toothed are all catered to in our special feature, which is joined by a selection of delicious brunch recipes to try at home. Tuck in with our expert guide this Sunday.


“Relentless urgency” is how Niall McGarry describes his management style. The Maximum Media founder has built a lucrative internet media empire from scratch, but he remains a man in a hurry. This weekend, the Mayo media mogul speaks to Catherine Healy in a wide-ranging interview covering everything from wealth and politics to staff loyalty and business goals. “When I came to Dublin,” he tells us, “people didn't know my background story and just assumed I was some ballsy idiot who would eventually become unstuck.” But now, with five Irish sites and a rapidly growing British title to his name, McGarry is proving the naysayers wrong. Read his thoughts on the future of media this Sunday.


So you think you know Paris. In this weekend’s Magazine, Vanessa Grall (above) begs to differ. Grall is the author of Don’t be a Tourist in Paris, an upcoming release from Danielle Ryan’s ROADS publishing house, and in this issue we share an exclusive extract from her guide to the truly hidden gems to be unearthed in the City of Lights. From the paleontology gallery you never knew existed, to hunting down the ghost of Edith Piaf, this feature is for those who will do anything… but the Louvre.


“With unlimited pots of money, and fast growing audiences there is no excuse for this sort of shoddy and sensationalist content.” Marion McKeone pulls no punches in this week’s Off Message as she takes stock of 13 Reasons Why, the latest Netflix offering that has audiences across America glued to their sofas, but divided in their opinions. Despite its huge success in the US,” she writes, “the series was snubbed by the Emmys. Not a single nod. The shut-out triggered an orgy of analysis in the US media. Was it too controversial? Too complex? Too difficult to watch? Too ‘real’? If only. The reason is simpler; it just wasn’t very good.” Read Marion McKeone in The Magazine this Sunday.

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