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Magazine Minute: Justice Adrian Hardiman, Jared Kushner and the state of modern journalism

The very best of The Sunday Business Post Magazine this weekend

9th June, 2017

COVER STORY: Joyce & The Law

A young and brilliant judge of Irish Supreme Court, thousands flocked to the funeral of Justice Adrian Hardiman when he passed away in March of 2016. Hardiman, the barrister of his generation, is much missed by the wider legal community, but it is in matters literary that his legacy has found new voice. This week, to coincide with the publication of Joyce in Court, the book authored by Adrian Hardiman and completed by his colleagues, the Magazine features an exclusive extract that highlights the fascinating incidence of legal references in the Joycean canon. A must-read for fans of Joyce and justice alike.

FASHION: The Slow Fashion Movement

Would you shell out six thousand euro for a single pair of gentleman’s shoes? Strong market demand is what good people at John Lobb Paris, one of the world’s most exclusive bootmakers, rely on. Speaking in this weekend’s Sunday Business Post Magazine, Patrick Verdillon, Director of Bespoke for John Lobb, says that having a pair of bespoke shoes made to order at the company’s Paris workshop is akin to “having a garment made in the haute couture fashion.” The starting price for a pair of classic Oxford brogues is that eye-watering e6,000, while the made-to-measure process typically takes three months to complete. The perfect gift for the Father who have everything, perhaps? Read Ruth O’Connor on the slow fashion movement in this Sunday’s Magazine.


The polished ascent of Jared Kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to Donald Trump, has been shadowed of late by controversy over his dealings with Moscow. As the FBI probe into the Trump campaign’s contacts with the Kremlin gathers pace, Marion McKeone traces the story of this impeccably presented 36-year-old, pulling together a tale of double-dealing, sting operations and real estate gambits gone wrong. “If Kushner is as rattled by the blowback he triggered as his father-in-law, he’s going to great lengths not to show it,” McKeone writes this Sunday. “The perennial poise remains intact, and most of all, the appearance of being somewhat above the fray.”


In a week that saw Vogue Williams call for internment camps in a newspaper article, the question arises: what hope is there for the future of columnists? In this weekend’s Magazine, Nadine O’Regan considers the state of modern journalism, an environment in which artificial controversy and ahistorical commentary all too often trump well-reasoned, fact-checked opinion writing. “What we need is a movement,” she argues, “similar to the slow food phenomenon, that serves to remind everyone that, like well-cooked food, good journalism isn’t in a hurry, and that - to borrow a line from Mark Twain - a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its boots.”

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