Magazine Minute: Ireland in 2037, Stanley Tucci and the shape of things to come

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10th March, 2017
Magazine Minute: Ireland in 2037, Stanley Tucci and the shape of things to come

THE COVER: Future Island

What will Ireland look like in 2037? This is the question we posed this week to a diverse group of Irish influencers, including top activists, thinkers and entrepreneurs. From smart cities to a functioning health service and the end of direct provision, leading voices share their visions and hopes for our country in 20 years’ time. As Stuart Switzer of Coco Television imagines: “I can now ‘virtually attend’ any 9 Nations rugby game and create an avatar of George Hook.”


“We’ll happily move to Ireland,” says Stanley Tucci, “if Brexit delivers.” This Sunday, the Magazine spends quality time with one of the world’s best-loved actors in London. Tucci opens up on a long-standing friendship with Meryl Streep (including an incident involving champagne and a bathtub), the happiness found in his second marriage (to literary agent Felicity Blunt) and how failure feels after thirty five years in the business.


“Amateur photographers spend time with their cameras,” says photographer Leon Farrell, “playing around with different apertures and trying to understand all the technicalities. For we professional press photographers, however, there’s only one thing that counts, and that’s speed, speed, speed.” In this Sunday’s Magazine Farrell and his colleagues at the Photocall Ireland agency share some of the most captivating images from their archive, each made possible by advances in digital photography.


Our interiors feature highlights the best of Shape the Future, a touring display of work by Ireland’s up-and-coming makers, spanning ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles, accessories and fashion. From artworks influenced by the shapes and colours of rural Ireland to ceramics crafted from beach finds and fragments of industrial waste, the exhibition - now running at NCAD - heralds a new era in Irish design.

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