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Magazine Minute: Bressie, religion and Botswana

The very best of The Sunday Business Post Magazine this weekend

21st April, 2017


Two years ago, Bressie’s life was remarkably high profile. Things have changed enormously for him since then, and he’s okay with that. “One thing I realised after The Voice is that I don’t enjoy entertainment television. What I want in my life is structure,” he reveals in this Sunday’s Magazine. In a candid interview with Nadine O’Regan, Bressie talks about his ambitions, love life, work on mental health and new recording studio. “I’ve pure belief in what we can do,” he tells us.


Is modern Ireland a theocracy by any other name? In the week that Minister Simon Harris confirmed the Sisters of Charity as majority owners of the new maternity hospital at St Vincent’s, Dublin, Colette Sexton pens an impassioned response in The Sunday Business Post Magazine. “It appears that I was foolish to believe that Ireland had moved on,” she writes, "that the link between the church and the estate had been eroded. They tell us that there is separation, but when it comes down to it they are as conjoined as ever.” Read her rallying cry this weekend.


The days of the lifetime job appear to be gone, with a more flexible, technology-driven economy ripping up traditional career progressions. Wondering how best to get ahead? In an extract from their new book, Kathryn Minshew and Alex Cavoulacos present a guide to building your own professional network, from connecting with higher-ups to making use of newbies. Just like any other relationships, quality is better than quantity, argue the co-founders of US online career portal The Muse.


“Peering from our plane, we spy elephants drinking at waterholes and red lechwe antelopes bounding along.” In this Sunday’s travel feature, Jillian Bolger veers off the beaten track in Botswana for a holiday less ordinary. Her destination is the Okavango Delta, a remote region of lush grasses and wetlands, where animals roam freely. From elephant watching to water safariing, and bumping into Martha Stewart, Bolger find much to be overawed by as she explores one of the great gems of the natural world.

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