Innovator Liz Bacelar on the intersection of fashion and technology

Liz Bacelar, inventor of the phrase ‘fashion tech’, is redefining and exploring the many ways fashion and technology can integrate, from the space-age to the intimate – and what that will mean for the sector in 20 years

Liz Bacelar: ‘I wanted to be in the connection business, not the conference business’

‘Pay attention. You’ll need to,” Liz Bacelar declares as she takes to the stage. “What I present to you here will not be the same as what I present to people next week. That’s how quickly this stuff moves.”

Inventor of the phrase “fashion tech”, Bacelar is an entrepreneur, journalist and a co-founder of Current Global, an innovation firm based in New York, London and Tokyo, which seeks to redefine how fashion and ...