LinkedIn lets users silently signal that they would like another job

Open candidate feature maintains privacy while opening communication channel with recruiters

7th October, 2016
Making job searching easier. Pic: Pixabay

Social networks are founded on the premise of online sharing.

But as users wake up to the real cost of uploading their personal data, more and more are seeking privacy on the web.

And those platforms that fail to offer privacy levers are falling in popularity.

Now online cv and recruitment site LinkedIn is offering users the chance to flag that they are looking for a new job.

But best of all, no one in the user's current workplace need know about it.

LinkedIn's "Open Candidate" feature gives users the option to, very privately, search for a new job.

The "hire me" signal will only be viewable by recruiters who use LinkedIn's paid-for premium tier.

LinkedIn has been acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion.

Its latest move taps into the growing desire for privacyonline: the wish to use the tools without the whole world knowing about it.

Open Candidate tips off recruiters who are looking for potential employees such as the person who has flagged their availability.

It lets the recruiter know the potential candidate would be open to contacts about new job opportunities.

The new feature is part of a packaged reboot of LinkedIn's recruitment products.

Career Pages has been revamped, with customised offerings from companies in recruitment mode.

It lets businesses put up wider, more conversational testimonials that better convey company culture, rather than simply the current vacancies.

LinkedIn already tracks and updates users on who has viewed their profile.

The platform has already mopped up a strong share in the online job advertising market.

Its recruiting operation Talent Solutions accounted for $558 million of its $861 million in sales.

LinkedIn is enhancing its role as the go-to destination for job-seekers. And now it makes possible a more discreet workplace move.

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