'GDPR will drive huge change posing a challenge for large companies'

Smaller companies and organisations may also struggle to implement the crucial changes required, warns data company boss

20th June, 2017
Perception Consulting Ltd CEO Peter McParland

What's your name?

Peter McParland

What position do you hold?

I am the CEO of Perception Consulting Ltd

How long have you held the position?

5 years

What are your day to day responsibilities?

- Setting strategy and direction

- Setting of business plans to development and growth of the company in home market and international markets

- Modelling and setting the company’s culture, values, and behaviour

- Building and leading the senior executive team

- Managing the finances of the company

What is your professional background?

I have over 20 years at senior management level in multi national companies - as sales director in Fujitsu Siemens and country manager at Samsung. I really enjoyed working with these companies in developing the brand and market.

Tell me about yourself away from work?

I am lucky to live in the lovely seaside town of Greystones in Wicklow. I was almost going to say with my wife and two kids, but with Sean now 21 and Susie 18, I should say my wife and two adults. Outside work I try and play golf and I am involved with Greystones RFC 1st team with video analysis.

Tell us something very few people know about you?

I worked as a professional DJ back in the 80’s on the nightclub circuit in Dublin and the midlands with the occasional wedding and 21st thrown in. It was back in the days of long hair and rotten clothes but a lot of fun.

You are speaking at our GDPR Summit in September. What are you speaking about?

Perception Consulting is a data company and we are bringing value to companies in managing their data and providing tools to monitor and report on their GDPR compliance. These tools will monitor the source of your data, the output of the data and the ETL and handing of the data to ensure it is GDPR compliant.

What challenges do you see for organisations implementing the regulations?

GDPR will drive change in organisations and cultural change can always be a challenge in large companies and getting buy-in across the organisation. I think smaller companies and organisations may struggle understanding and funding the changes required.

Peter McParland, CEO of Perception Consulting Ltd will be appearing at the GDPR Summit on Tuesday, September 12 at Croke Park, Dublin. Make sure your business is ready for this important legislation with GDPR17.com.

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