Ginger beer on tap helps the profits to start flowing

Zingibeer, an alcoholic ginger beer produced by father and daughter team Rachel and Kevin Byrne, is now on sale in 300 retailers and should soon have its own production facility

Rachel Byrne, co-founder, Zingibeer: ‘We aim to produce around 1,500 hectolitres this year. It’s a lot of ginger beer. Once we hit that volume, it should be viable to have our own production facility.’ Picture: Arthur Carron

Rachel Byrne gave up a career in banking to create Zingibeer. The alcoholic ginger beer business is based in Smithfield in Dublin and has already enjoyed substantial growth in its first year of operation.

Founded by Byrne alongside her father, Kevin, it is available both in stores and on tap. Brewing is currently outsourced, but Byrne plans to develop her own facility to take full control of the product when volume reaches a certain level.