Why Mâcon is 2020’s breakthrough wine region

For many years a source of generously-priced and exceedingly drinkable wines, this stretch of central France is poised to have its moment in the sun

Wines such as Pouilly-Fuissé are grown around La Roche de Solutré, just outside Mâcon in east-central France Picture: GETTY

The Mâcon region has been threatening to break through on the world wine stage for about a decade. A source of exciting, well-priced and delicious wines, this year it should take its place alongside the likes of Languedoc, Napa Valley or Marlborough. The region is in the heart of France: south of Burgundy and north of Beaujolais and the Rhône. Being surrounded by more famous and successful wine regions is the main problem.

Mâcon wines ...