Walk the line: Manchán Magan on Irish culture and the importance of trusting your inner voice

The writer and documentary-maker has always walked his own path. Now his passion for Irish culture, heritage and language has resulted in a top-selling book, a popular Instagram account and an audience that’s finally listening what he has to say

Manchán Magan: “Maybe we’re beginning to realise we do need to look at things in a new way” Picture: Aisling Rogerson

I started my adult life just travelling – in Africa, South America and India. Ireland didn’t make sense to me so I was fleeing, I was escaping to all of these places.

I would spend a year crossing Africa in the back of a truck. Or in India living in a cowshed in the Himalayas. Or in South America working on an organic farm. And I was seeing things about different cultures that excited me ...