Walk the Line: Author Wendy Erskine on the literary freedom of short stories and life advice from ‘90s boy band 5ive

The Belfast-based author and secondary school teacher enrolled in a fiction workshop seven years ago. Two books and countless publications later, she reflects on what she has learned

Wendy Erskine: “I can spend endless time thinking about imaginary people and situations”

I always wanted to write. But much in the same way as I always wanted to go four times a week to the gym, play a musical instrument really well and have a sophisticated understanding of economics. That said, I can spend endless time thinking about imaginary people and situations.

By chance, I had one afternoon off work a week, seven years ago. And then, by sheer fluke, I saw that The Stinging Fly was running a six-month fiction workshop on the same day. I managed to get a place on that and then Declan Meade from The Stinging Fly asked me if I would like to produce a collection. Two books and various other publications later, I know for a fact that none of that would have happened, were it not for Declan.