The Partition: Still no meeting of minds 100 years on from the foundation of Northern Ireland

academic study on the creation of Northern Ireland finds that the prevailing mindsets of a hundred years ago are little changed

Unionists Hugh T Barrie, Edward Carson and Frederick Smith are cheered on by supporters at an Anti-Home Rule demonstration in Derry city in September 1912. Picture: Getty


The Partition: Ireland Divided 1885-1925

By Charles Townshend

Allen Lane, €26.99

Less than a decade before the partition of Ireland, Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem called Ulster 1912. “Murder done by night, treason taught by day, folly, sloth and spite,” was his grim prediction of what would happen if a largely Catholic island was allowed to govern itself.

The ultra-imperialist Nobel Prize winner ended with a dire warning on behalf of his fellow Protestants: ...