Book Review

The Bullet That Missed: Ageing sleuths bring wit and wisdom to entertaining detective story

Richard Osman, the television presenter and writer, brings a group of septuagenarians together again in his third novel to solve a cold case in a warm-hearted and quintessentially English murder mystery

Richard Osman: The Bullet That Missed is the third in his series about a quartet of septuagenarians who investigate unsolved mysteries. Picture: Getty

When you’ve hit on a winning formula, best to stick with it and keep on motoring. Comedian and television presenter Richard Osman’s first novel The Thursday Murder Club, about a group of retired friends investigating unsolved murders, resulted in a seven-figure book deal and the film rights being purchased by none other than Steven Spielberg.

Wise older characters doing extraordinary things have always caught the reading public’s imagination. Add in a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud ...