Tadhg Hickey: ‘The combination of me and drink stopped working and was threatening to kill me’

The Cork comedian and actor is riding high, with a steadily growing fanbase and the lead role in a new production of a John B Keane play – but he’s had to contend with personal burnout and an over-reliance on alcohol along the way

Tadhg Hickey, photographed at the Everyman Theatre Cork: ‘I always wanted to do comedy, but didn’t have the guts to admit it.’ Picture: John Allen

Earlier this year, Tadhg Hickey made a personal confession in a video on Twitter. “Before Christmas, I was working 16-hour days without seeing any friends,” the Cork comedian and actor said, addressing the camera directly. “I got addicted to work, addicted to Twitter.” Hickey found himself in a state of nervous exhaustion, lying in bed, unable to eat or sleep. “The truth is, I had a bit of a breakdown,” he said.

It was a ...