Symptoms under the spotlight: How new artworks will reflect reality of living with MS

The Art of MS exhibition features 12 original works by people who have multiple sclerosis, to help raise awareness of the disease and give an insight into the wide range of associated symptoms.

Artist and MS advocate Joan Jordan ‘wanted to create something which would give people some idea of what it is like to have MS.’ The 49-year-old was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 36. Picture: Barry Cronin

When Joan Jordan was a software developer in her twenties, she never imagined that she would be taking part in an art exhibition in her late forties. But she also didn’t realise that the debilitating symptoms which she had lived with for a decade and a half would turn out to be a life-changing condition which would cause her to give up her successful career and be on medication for the rest of her days.