Silverbacks interview: ‘We want to go out and play. We’re making up for lost time’

With a second album just released, touring back on the agenda and a wedding on the way, the Dublin band are looking forward to an exciting and busy year

Silverbacks: the band’s newly released album, Archive Material, is spiky, hyperactive, hook-laden and even better than its predecessor, Fad. Picture: Róisín Murphy O’Sullivan

When their debut album Fad was released back in 2020, there was a lot of discussion about how Dublin five-piece Silverbacks fit in with their contemporaries. Post-punk Irish outfits such as Fontaines DC and Gilla Band were garnering international attention and critics bent over backwards to fit their sound neatly into that category.

You didn’t need to look much further than their debut record to see that the band had something that was sorely lacking ...