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Should I confront my partner over his excessive drinking?

Expert Siobhan Murray this week advises a reader whose boyfriend started drinking more during the pandemic and has continued the habit

Daily drinking can have a negative effect on relationships

Dear Expert,

My boyfriend has never been a big drinker. Over the pandemic however, he picked up some bad habits and they seem to be here to stay. He used to only drink once a week, normally on a Friday or Saturday, but during the first lockdown he started having a beer or two almost every night after work. I didn’t say anything because he rarely got drunk and it seemed to be an effective coping mechanism. The pandemic is now long gone however, and he has continued the habit by always opening a beer after work. When I tried to talk to him, he was dismissive, saying it’s “just a few beers”. He is a great partner and I am very happy with him, but I’m worried about how much he is drinking. Should I leave him be or challenge him again?