Scents of decadence: This new artisan candle by Galway perfumer has distilled the lily to its purest form

Inspired by Oscar Wilde and the Aesthetic Movement, Galway perfumer Cloon Keen Atelier’s latest candle evokes a heady time of art and beauty

Cloon Keen’s latest candle, Aesthetic Lily, carries a refined perfume of white lilies – a scent loved by Oscar Wilde and the Aestheticism movement, the inspiration for the candle

“You have heard . . . of two flowers connected with the Aesthetic Movement in England and said (I assure you erroneously) to be the food of some Aesthetic young me. Well, let me tell you the reason we love the lily and the sunflower is not for any vegetable passion at all. It is because those two lovely flowers are in England the most perfect models of design, the most naturally adapted for decorative ...