Sara Keating: Powerful drama seeks to change the narrative around disability

Galway theatre company Blue Teapot asked uncomfortable questions of its audience in No Magic Pill, a play that dramatised the struggles faced by disability activist Martin Naughton

Julie Sharkey and Paddy Slattery in No Magic Pill at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght: dramatises the challenges faced by disability activist Martin Naughton. Picture: Emilija Jefremova

In 2007, the experimental provocateurs behind Pan Pan Theatre staged a version of Lars Von Trier's controversial 1998 film The Idiots at the Dublin Theatre Festival. The film, which follows a group of bohemians who believe they can transcend cultural, social and sexual oppression by pretending to be disabled, remains banned in Ireland.

Pan Pan’s staging was an attempt to open up a conversation about the representation of disability on the stage. Despite collaborating with ...