Roots and leaves

Aoife Carrigy meets the ambitious chef hitting the road to bring his food back to the land, one temporary location at a time

Caomhán de Brí: ‘I started this project for myself really. The financial aspect will be a part of it – you have to make money to survive – but I wanted to look after myself and my health’. Picture: Kirsty Lyons

Zero-waste carrots cooked four ways with bee pollen and coriander. Fried potato slices with garlic, Atlantic sea salt and a Burren Gold cheese dip. Market garden bowls of Ooni-barbecued veggies with Japanese dressing, crunchy leaves, toasted seeds and dehydrated onion.

If you’ve caught sight of the colourful dishes served up this autumn by The Salt Project in the Wickham Way Market in Limerick while perusing Instagram, good news - there’s a good chance that these ...