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Robocobra Quartet reveal their musical inspirations

Ryan Burrowes and Chris W Ryan of the Belfast post-punk collective have a new album out and sat down to discuss the music that shaped their creative path

Robocobra Quartet: ‘It’s all about aspiration,’ says drummer-vocalist Chris W Ryan of their new album, ‘the things we aspire to and the things we are told to aspire to: work, success, family, health and wealth’

Living Isn’t Easy is the self-explanatory title of Robocobra Quartet’s new album. Described by the Belfast post-punk collective as “loosely based around one central character negotiating the absurdity of modern life”, its subject matter includes “childhood trauma, the mundanity of office work, the mania of corporate culture and the cult of wellness”.

As if our hapless hero didn’t have enough on their plate, other tracks describe “looking to become a homeowner amidst an Irish housing ...