Remember My Name: Cybercrime and guns combine to deadly effect in gripping thriller

As Covid comes to an end and cyber attacks make life ever more dangerous for her characters, Sam Blake’s new and very topical book establishes her as an entertaining writer of the genre

Sam Blake: her latest book combines elements of a traditional whodunnit with a cyber-thriller, but never gets over-technical. Picture: Michael P Ryan

When Laurence Howard makes the simple mistake of forgetting to end a call before putting his phone down, it has devastating consequences – and not just for the tech millionaire himself. His wife Cressida overhears about his extra-marital indiscretions first-hand. Fuming, she hires cyber-security expert Brioni O’Brien (the star of Sam Blake’s 2021 e-book High Pressure) to find the evidence she needs to gain an advantage in the divorce courts.

Brioni, however, soon discovers that ...