Rachael English and Zara King: ‘There’s a responsibility in what we do, giving people a voice and an opportunity to tell their stories’

It’s been called the ‘first draft’ of history, but is journalism in the modern age still a desirable or even viable career? Seasoned journalists and broadcasters Rachael English and Zara King offer their take

Zara King and Rachael English: ‘The challenge is to remain engaged and to continue to give it everything you got.’ Picture: Bryan Meade

Zara King didn’t get to do a J1 in college. Instead of boarding an aeroplane to the United States to spend a summer living it up in New York or San Francisco on a prized visa, she chose to work in local radio in Waterford. Whether it was “making tea or doing vox-pops”, she didn’t want to do anything else with her time: she just wanted to be part of the news media and all ...