Patrick Radden Keefe interview: ‘Things are really bad. I don’t see a correction coming soon’

As a new anthology of his best pieces is published, the acclaimed New Yorker magazine writer reflects on turbulent times in the US, the chilly charisma of Gerry Adams, and why he strives to avoid turning politics into entertainment

American writer and investigative journalist, Patrick Radden Keefe: few writers can transport you into their world with such skill. Picture: NurPhoto via Getty

About two weeks ago, I was driving 50 miles from Los Angeles to the Ronald Reagan Library, where Liz Cheney was delivering a speech in the aftermath of Cassidy Hutchinson’s seismic testimony before the January 6 Committee.

As Los Angeles and its exurbs fell away to reveal the Simi Valley, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a segment featuring journalist and author Patrick Radden Keefe. His recounting of the story of Astrid Holleeder, a Dutch lawyer ...