One more tune: How Ireland’s nightclubs are fighting for survival

Where once we could dance the night away, offices, hotels and apartment blocks are springing up. But can Ireland’s nightclubs and late-night venues make a comeback and have they been given a lifeline by proposed new licensing laws?

The live events industry and nightclubs and venues have been hit hard by closures since the pandemic. Picture: Getty

It is Friday night and I am braving a drum ‘n’ bass night in Pharmacia in Limerick. The crowd is small but high octane. Arms are swinging wildly. There’s a good mix of ages, genders and fashions, from the conservative (myself) to the DJ who wears a pair of funky sunglasses all night long.

At one stage, I turn to the lad next to me, who’s wearing a beanie hat and doing some complicated footwork. ...