Nadine O’Regan: Is the Church now divorced from the reality of ordinary people’s lives?

Boris Johnson’s frankly baffling decision to opt for a Catholic ceremony for his third marriage last week shone a spotlight on how the Church does not always apply its own rules equally

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie after their wedding: the fact that twice-divorced Johnson was allowed to marry in a Catholic Church was the source of much speculation. Picture: Downing Street/Getty Images

I never expected to get married on the same weekend as Boris Johnson, but there you have it. Apart from the signing of a marriage contract and the rough timing of the nuptials, though, that's where the similarity between our weddings in Dublin and London last weekend ends.

S and I didn’t get married in a church, and we never had any intention of doing so, despite being entitled to: we ticked all the boxes ...