My objects of desire: Brenda Romero, Bafta-winning game designer on travel, typewriters and beloved local haunts

Romero is also the studio director at Galway-based Romero Games

‘We found here a wildly creative community that was hungry for its time’: Brenda Romero on the gaming community that prompted her move to Ireland. Pictures throughout: Nathalie Márquez Courtney

I collect a lot of things, including old typewriters. I winnowed my collection down to move from the US to Ireland, but I’ve kept the more eccentric, quirky ones. I love their tactile nature.

Whenever I’m making a board game that is intended to be an art piece (as well as a fully functioning game) I will find a typewriter for it and type up the ruleset on it. They’re beautiful machines.

Romero collects typewriters ...