Made to (meta) measure: Fashion-tech’s coupling is here to stay – and thrive

Fashion’s most disruptive force this season is technology, from Dior’s virtual runway show to Tommy Hilfiger’s multiverse experience – and it’s a telling sign of what’s to come

A model walks the runway at the Loewe spring-summer 2023 show during Paris Fashion Week in pixelated, glitch-like pieces

Little has moved fashion’s needle quite like technology. In recent years, luxury designers have been testing the waters with virtual runway shows, digital try-on experiences, NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) and pivoting into the metaverse. And while fashion – like other major industries – is at the foot of every disruptive, cutting-edge force of the 21st century, technology is the coupling that works. As Carol Hilsum, senior director of product innovation at Farfetch told Drapers Future ...