Book Review

London in Black: A frighteningly plausible dystopian debut

Jack Lutz’s tension-filled first novel follows a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the British capital, and a tough but traumatised detective determined to solve a related murder

Jack Lutz, a writer and lawyer, his debut novel is frighteningly plausible, perhaps even more so now with post-pandemic traumas still preying on our collective psyche.

It’s 2029, two years after a series of devastating terrorist attacks on London left 32,956 people dead. The nerve agent used, London Black, was designed to cause as much fear as possible. Not content to merely kill its victims, it does so horrifically and agonisingly over a period of days.

Since the initial atrocity known as “The Scourge”, barely a month goes by without some form of copycat strike. This is extremely bad news for ...