Loah interview: ‘The 1920s was similarly explosive to what we’re living through now’

The Irish-Sierra Leonean singer-songwriter Loah has created a collection of songs using poetry from Yeats, Eva Gore-Booth and other Irish poets of the 1920s

Loah says producing a mini-album of 1920s poetry set to music ‘was a nice way of bringing the profound thoughts of all these other people from the past into the modern day’. Picture: Ellius Grace

When Loah answers the phone late on a Thursday evening, she’s just arrived home from work. It wasn’t a long day in a music studio or even shooting a television show (more on her venture with RTÉ later), but a shift in a pharmacy that has her so exhausted.

“It’s been . . . intense,” she laughs, her smile almost audible over the line.

Loah (real name Sallay-Matu Garnett) is a qualified pharmacist as well ...