In the Kitchen with Kimberly Plafke: ‘We need to respect the animals we work with...we don’t waste anything.’

The production manager at The Meat Hook, the famed Brooklyn butchers, is coming to Dublin for The Big Grill Festival, and will be making her trademark

Kimberly Plafke: “Anyone can sell porterhouse and ribeye, but you have to work harder to make all the trim and other parts palatable to people.”

Given that she works in The Meat Hook, a ‘whole animal’ butchers shop in Brooklyn, Kimberly Plafke is no stranger to unusual cuts of meat . But even she was surprised when lockdown brought out the more adventurous side of her New York customers.

“Obviously we sell lots of beef ribeyes and fillets, as you’d expect, but during lockdown we started to see lots more people trying things like offal and organ meat, liver and ...