Immersive Joycean dance theatre production embodies scents and sensibility

Go to Blazes, part of the Ulysses 2.2 project, assaults the senses with an intimate close-up mixed-media offering that gets right up your nose

Jonathan Mitchell and Justine Cooper in CoisCéim Dance Theatre’s Go To Blazes by David Bolger. Picture: Ste Murray

In more than 20 years of professional theatre-going I have never seen the role of “scents” appear on a theatre programme. Indeed, Go to Blazes, a new dance theatre piece from David Bolger, is a singular kind of event.

Although it has been programmed as part of the year-long Ulysses 2.2 initiative – a series of 18 works commissioned by ANU, Landmark Productions and MoLI – it feels like its own strange beast. Episode four ...