‘I’m going to give the people what they want’: At Big Mike’s, Gaz Smith plans simple, tasty food

The Dublin chef is about to unveil his most ambitious restaurant, and Gillian Nelis got a sneak preview

Gaz Smith of Big Mike’s: “The food will be simple and tasty, the portions will be generous, and we will buy the best produce we can lay our hands on.” Picture: Ruth Calder-Potts

The workmen are nervous. A prime piece of wagyu beef has been placed in the meat locker at Big Mike’s, the restaurant in Blackrock in south Co Dublin that Gaz Smith will open later this month, ready to be photographed for this piece.

Once the images are in the bag, it needs to be taken back to the kitchen. “I’m not touching that,” the electrician says. “Knowing my luck, I’ll drop it.” To the rescue ...