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How We Flex: The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 changes how a new generation of creatives use their phones to flex in life and business

  • June 10, 2022
Greg O’Shea, sportsperson and influencer. Photography by Johnny Savage

We meet three personalities who bring passion to every move. Content brought to you in partnership with Samsung

Greg O’Shea, sportsperson, influencer and fitness instructor

“Every day is about being productive,” says Greg O’Shea, “and my productivity absolutely relies on having the right technology to hand.” The Limerick rugby player and reality tv star (O’Shea was was the winner of 2019’s Love Island) knows more than most about flexing in life. He can lay claim to the title of world-class athlete, reality star, tv presenter, fitness coach and content creator, and each aspect of his life overlaps with the other with seeming ease. But it’s not as simple as it might look.“I had a slap of reality last September when I retired from rugby. I realised no one was going to build my future for me, so I needed to craft my next steps.” The InstaLives he had delivered during lockdown served to inform one such step. “I decided to create my own fitness app,” he says, “whereby people can sign up to access live fitness sessions with me twice a week, which is just like the InstaLive experience. I use my Samsung Galaxy Flip3 to stream the sessions and I’m already seeing the positive impact it’s having on my app users.”

Aoife McNamara, fashion designer

Capturing vibrant images is vital to Aoife McNamara’s business in fashion design

“I’m always taking pictures of the sunsets and sunrises over the bay in Co Clare on my phone,” says designer Aoife McNamara, “they often provide the main colour stories behind my collections, so the quality of the images is really important.” In fact, much of McNamara’s design process is documented using her Samsung Galaxy Flip3 – the ‘flex mode’ functioning like a built-in stand and freeing up her hands to make adjustments during fittings. Creating clever and captivating content to seed out to her near-30k Instagram followers is an integral part of growing her business, as is having a close-knit team overseeing every detail. “I have the flexibility to learn, change and ensure that each piece of clothing is made sustainably and ethically. I really want to connect with and build on our vibrant following of leaders, dreamers, problem-solvers and activists.”

Gráinne Mullins, chocolate entrepreneur

“My phone is never not in my hand” - Gráinne Mullins, creator of Grá Chocolates

Having both created and expanded her business while the country moved through the Covid-19 pandemic, Gráinne Mullins, founder of Grá Chocolates is well aware of just how reliant we as a society are on technology. “From liaising with suppliers across the country to staying on top of orders and promoting new flavours on Instagram, my phone is never not in my hand,” she says. “I love the Samsung Galaxy Flip3’s compact size and how the exterior display allows me to glance at notifications without opening it and getting too distracted.” Originally created as an attempt to keep Mullins busy during the first lockdown, the artisanal chocolate brand has grown at a phenomenal rate. Her recipe for success? “It comes down to my motto: dream it, believe it, achieve it,” Mullins says. “Having our own purpose-built Grá Chocolate Factory has always been a goal of mine and all going well, we will have moved into our new premises in time to celebrate our second anniversary this summer.”

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 - how it flexes

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 empowers users to express themselves with bold colour options, a sleek design, and premium features, with the choice of four colours – cream, lavender, green and phantom black.

The re-designed cover screen is now four times larger than its predecessor, making it easier to view notifications and messages without having to open the device. Users can keep up with their schedule, check the weather, and monitor their daily step count with new Cover Screen widgets or coordinate the Cover Screen wallpaper with their new Galaxy Watch4 or Watch4 Classic for a matching look.

Galaxy Z Flip3 is also crafted to give users the best capabilities for capturing and sharing memories. Packed with some of Samsung’s latest camera features, users can take even more selfies hands-free with Flex mode, or they can keep the device folded and capture ultra-crisp selfies — and now, even a video — right from the cover screen using enhanced Quick Shot by double-clicking the power key. Plus, scrolling and sharing is super smooth, thanks to Galaxy Z Flip3’s new 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

And the new Flex mode Panel feature makes apps look better and easier to use. When the device is partially folded, Flex mode Panel gives you new ways to interact with Galaxy Z Flip3, offering a more convenient viewing experience by moving the video to the top half of the screen and the show’s controls — like brightness and volume — to the bottom half.